Thursday, July 15, 2010

Relic Libyans

Relic African/Libyan infantry alongside some Aventine allied Hastati types. Perfect match size and proportions wise.
Renegade converted Libyan vets shown for comparison. The height and even body proportions are relatively similar. Head size differences pose some compatibility problems. The above basing differences exaggerate the problems.

Relic's African/Libyan infantry types. I've swapped out the Relic Shields with Aventine hoplons. The Relic shields are fine but as I prefer to intergrate minis from different manufacturers into the same groups, this allows for a bit more visual congruency between differing styles/proportions. In my opinion, they fit in perfectly with other larger 28mm lines such as Aventine, Foundry Hellenistic lines, Renegade. The Renegade vets above look a bit bigger, however, this is partly due to the difference in base height/type. The regular Libyan infantry by Renegade fit in together much better.

I usually use LBMS decals for the shield designs, but decided to do a little free-hand here. I'm satisfied with the results, but I can't beat the detail of the decals. However, I do believe you can get cleaner looking results as I've had some problems with blending the edges with the decals.

Renegade Libyan Vets

Here are some Renegade Libyan vets with minor conversions. Those of you familiar with the Renegade Punic line know how a number of the minis suffer from some rather strangely distorted neck positioning. So, I've cut off the heads and re-positioned them while adding some superficial helmet detail and a beard to add some variety to a rather static set of poses. The heads are on the larger side, but paint up nicely. Interestingly enough, the regular Libyan infantry and lights have smaller heads that are more in line with Aventine, Relic, and almost Crusader. I've swapped out the Renegade shields with some extra Aventines but have not attached yet as I'm considering re-basing to thinner washers.
An interesting note regarding Libyan/African spears. The evidence points to such spears being about the same height as the infantryman, but with the Renegade figures in particular due to their rather "squat" proportions, this looks odd as evidenced by images on their website. So I've given them shorter spears than their Roman counterparts, but taller than their height (plus, posed as raised off the ground).

Foundry Roman Officers

A few Foundry centurions and tribune-types. I'm considering mixing them in with my earlier Republican Romans from Aventine, which will require re-basing and shield swaps. I realize that the Gallic helmet is not Republican era, but perhaps the archeologists have not caught up yet to cutting edge minis armour.