Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gripping Beast Punic Wars

Above, we have some Carthaginian veterans and two Libyan/Carthos regular infantry and a command figure.

These are three Principes advancing with swords and an Italian ally command unit.

Here are photos of some Gripping Beast (GB) Punic War figures I completed a while back. They are nice figures with a good deal of character, variety, and detail. The swords, shields, and spears are separate, allowing for good variety. The bases are Gale Force Nine magnetized, which I've since moved away from in favor of Litko wooden. Originally, I had planned to construct my Punic War project using mostly GB figures as they have an extensive range covering just about every culture involved in the conflict. Unfortunately, they are on the smaller side of today's 28's and do not have the "presence" of the Aventine, Gorgon, Foundry or Polemarch lines. Sadly...a fair-sized pile of GB lead sits in a drawer.

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