Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More pre-finished Aventine Etruscans/Italian Allies photos

Here are some better photos of the Aventine Etruscans/Italian Allies before I finished the groundwork and added shields. The photos were taken outside, hence the better lighting than my original posting of the finished figures. Unfortunately, my camera skills are minimal at best so I'm lucky that these came out relatively clear.

This is an overhead shot of the figures in their pre-finished Litko movement stand. As I do not game, I have not figured out the size of finished, the stands may be re-configured at some point to accommodate a proper number of troops.

A note on the standard bearer, I've given him a new smaller round shield and have cut the length of the standard to a more realistic height...will post a photo showing the change at some point.


  1. Hi, figues are looking good..

    that base would be ideal for gaming IMPETUS with... and still be able to skirmish and use for display...

    wisj i could afford litkos!!

  2. Very nice indeed. I'm struggling with the photography side of things, so I've asked for a little studio set-up for my birthday next week. I don't know if this link will come out, but I'll give it a try:

    I'll also post a link to it on my own blog once it arrives. I'm building up a backlog of figures that need to be shot decently.


  3. Those are the best rendered spears I have ever seen. Beautiful work!